Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Marc Edwards

Place: The Silent Barn
Number of coins: 7
Accepted: Yes

I went to see a show the free jazz drummer extraordinaire Marc Edwards had booked at the Silent Barn (wow!), and paid in dollar coins. The reaction from the doorkeeper? "I've been getting a lot more of these lately".

Place: nearby Mexican food truck
Number of coins: 5
Accepted: Yes
Purchase: una torta de milanesa de beef

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Place: Cibao
Number of coins: 17
Accepted: Yes

My first time to this place, getting take-out: Some mofongo, a cuban sandwich, chicken soup. All quite good - and my coins were accepted with a smirk.

Knowing smirk tip of the day: Handing your coins to the cashier in 5 dollar groups makes them easy to count.


Place: Dessert Truck Works
Number of coins: 4
Accepted: Yes

A friend's groupon plus some extra dollar coins yielded some bacon creme anglaise bread pudding and then some.


Place: Downtown Mexican Bakery
Number of coins: 17
Accepted: Yes

An uneventful exchange of pirate-like gold for a pork quesadilla (w/ tomatillo sauce) and a chicken mole burrito.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Place: Do Sirak
Number of coins: ~12
Accepted: Yes

This was left to complement the $20 bill.

More Mex++

The place: The Redhook Ballfields
Number of coins: 8, 10
Accepted: Yes

$8 for a quesahuarache at one truck, and $10 for pupusas and extras at another truck were spent without any comment or real reaction.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Place: Xi'an Famous Foods (St Marks)
Number of coins: 8
Accepted: Yes

This time, upon handing 8 dollar coins to the cashier, she simply said "wow!"

korean coinage

Place: Cho Dang Gol
Number of coins: 12
Accepted: Gladly

I've used a few coins to complement a $20 here before, but never this many. The fellow who took the payment said "oh, we could use more of these..."! Next time, it shall be so.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tuck Redux

Place: The Tuck Shop
Number of coins: 2
Accepted: Yes

On this visit to the Tuck Shop, it was a different guy working there than last time. The total was $12. I had a $20 bill and my usual array of coins. I asked "would it make your life easier if I threw in two of these coins, for a total of $22, and you just give me back a $10 bill?". "Yeah, actually, it would!" .. and so it was.
Place: Xi'an Famous Foods (St Marks)
Number of coins: 8
Accepted: Yes, gladly

The usual guy wasn't there, but the cashier on duty liked the shiny coins.

Ice Cream

Place: Max & Mina's Ice Cream
Number of coins: 17
Accepted: Yes

No hassle and a bit of amusement paying for two pints with dollar coins here!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Best Batch Yes

Place: Bowery Poetry Club
Number of coins: 10
Accepted: Yes

No problems paying for my ticket to the Best Batch Yet tribute to Captain Beefheart with dollar coins.


Place: Ray's Candy Store
Number of coins: 3, 8
Accepted: Yes

Two temporally close visits to Ray's, one for some pistachio soft serve, and one for an egg cream and belgian fries (with ancho chipotle sauce) involved an uneventful exchange of foods for gilded coins.

Baked Goods

Place: Bird Bath Bakery
Number of coins: 8
Accepted: Yes

The cashier said she liked the dollar coins, and made me promise to bring different kinds next time...!

Pig pig pig

Place: This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef
Number of coins: 14
Accepted: Yes

The cashier guy actually asked "where do you get these?" I explained this experiment. He then added "you can get them from the NJ Transit vending machines too". Yup!